Why your brand needs a story

Wednesday, 02 October 2013 00:00
Posted in Content Marketing
Written by  Emma Mackenzie

Storytelling isn't a new concept in marketing, we've been telling stories for years through advertising, point of sale and other material.  However, the explosion in social media and content marketing in recent years has given us more opportunity than ever to use storytelling as a means of engaging with our customers.

A brand is more than just a logo, it is your company’s personality.  You can use storytelling to initiate an emotional response to your brand and influence how a person feels about your company. 

What's the plot?

Your brand storytelling should be consistent.  Think about what underlying message you are trying to communicate to your audience.  Be creative but be truthful, think about what core values your customers appreciate about you.

I need a hero!

All good stories have a hero, and your own brand story is no different.  Creating strong characters and a personality that your reader can root for will help them to become emotionally invested in your story - and therefore your brand.  You don't need to create elaborate fictional characters - simply telling a story from an employee's or customer's point of view brings personality and truth to your writing.

Structure your story

In fictional writing stories will have a clear beginning, middle and end.  At the beginning set out what challenges face our hero.  Often the hero will overcome some kind of conflict along the way before finally finding a resolution. 

An emotional response

Storytelling works because it gives readers a reason to believe and trust in your company.  Stories can be very inspiring and are able to convey to potential customers how you may be able to help them in the same way that your hero has benefited.  They are much more memorable than simply listing benefits to your potential customers as they connect with your reader’s emotions.

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